Kingdom 2 Episode 19 – Our Arrows Will Block Out The Sun!

Unfortunately, hiding in the shade isn’t working out that well.

So much awesomeness in this episode. I really wish I’d resisted reading ahead in the manga, if only to relive the epicness and anticipation I felt while reading and waiting for every new release to see what happens next. I kind of feel jealous of the (very few) anime-only viewers of this show.😦

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Kingdom 2 Episode 18 – THE FINAL BATTLE BEGINS!

And we’re not even technically halfway through this season!

Yes, the real battle has finally started. Whew, now I can stop complaining about that, and focus on how pumped I am for what’s coming up next! It’s actually a bit sad that I’m looking forward to this more than the rest of the fall season.😐

Oh, and don’t ask why I chose that header picture.

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Kingdom 2 Episode 17 – Calm Before the Storm

And what a storm this is shaping up to be.

It’s been a long journey, but we’re almost there! The big battle is finally about to start next episode! And we’re almost about to find out just how much of the budget they’ve been saving for the long strings of action that will be taking up the rest of this arc. I’ll have to admit that I’m not holding high hopes on that front, but direction’s been solid enough this season that I have some faith still.

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Kingdom 2 Episode 16 – 1000 MAN COMMANDER!!!!

Congratulations on the promotion Xin! Try not to screw up too bad!

Last episode was a bit disappointing, so I’m glad this one turned out so well. The pacing is much more spot-on this time which is nice.I am suddenly a bit scared of the show going past the 2 chapter/episode pace now that I see how much longer my posts will end up because of it though.😐

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Kingdom 2 Episode 14 – Oh Hey, A New ED!

Gonna miss the last one, but this new one’s great too, so no complaints here.😀

Anyways, I’m switching up my Kingdom post format from here on out, simply because writing about something I’ve already seen really doesn’t get across all the excitement and sheer epicness that I feel when I first read a chapter. So I’ve been taking notes on the manga as I’ve been reading them and writing down my reactions. Hopefully, this’ll make my analysis of events a bit less biased.

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